July 10th, 2007

Why Me? Penguin


I love this song, listening to it now on Kermit...

You know I just realized that "Levon" is "Novel" spelled backwards... hmmmmm...

Does anyone know about the line "He was born a paupaer to a pawn on a Christmas day//when the New York Times said God is Dead//and the war's begun..." I seem to recall something about that from one of my Modernism classes...
Busy Beagle

Help me decide

Okay, fifth anniversay is July 20th... and I am in serious need of help!

The issue being that the gift I had planned to get my husband is out of stock and has been since May. (Therefore, please note choosing the "Bond" style equals giftcard with promise to get said watch when/if it ever reappears.)

*In addition, if anyone knows how I might acquire said "Bond" style watch, let me know and we can work something out!

**I should also point out that the Ryder style was my first choice when I found out that the Bond watch was unavailable and that the Tarheels was a distant second because I think it is silly to wear apparel from a school one has never and likely will never attend... however, he is a big UNC fan and it is an alma mater of a few family members, so they'd get a kick out of it at least.

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