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The Kindness of Strangers

Went out about thirty minutes ago to grab some chips from the vending machine for lunch. For starters they had nothing I really wanted, so I settled for some KC Masterpiece BBQ Lays and lo and behold... NOTHING! The coiled turned and turned and then it got stuck on the corner of the machine. UGH!

Well, a few minutes ago I heard bags shuffling... they were refilling the machine!! I went out, put on my best sad face and asked the guy refilling the machine if he had seen a bag of BBQ chips hanging by a corner. "I swear I paid for those not twenty minutes ago is there anyway you could let me have them? It's my only shot at lunch and I promise I paid for them" He said sure no problem. I wasn't lying but I do feel kind of bad about using my feminine wiles (such as they are) to get a freakin' bag of chips, then again I am completely broke right now. I guess it all evens out.

I ma really looking forward to rainpuddle13's next ficlet. I <3 Gustav. I <3 Hecate. Heck, in this story I might even <3 a certain blonde Slytherin; I can cave I suppose -- after all, I know she secretly holds love for a certain #24 ;). (ducking for cover before Pud can shoot me!)

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