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Especially after reading Steph's entry last night I am reminded of why things like this need to be supported.

Today is the last day for donations, but I thought I would paste it just in case anyone was interested in donating. I donated $1.00 (it was all I had left in my Paypal account). :(


Something I will also probably be watching this weekend as I love Babara Walters, she is truly a pioneer for all women...

Barbara Walters

Profile of the night club owner's daughter who went from secretary, sitcom writer, network news anchor, and celeb interviewer to cultural icon--all without being able to say her "Rs"! Interviewees include Henry Kissinger, Hugh Downs, Liz Smith, Ted Koppel, Beverly Sills, William Safire, and Monica Lewinsky. A 2-hour special presentation.  TV G
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