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Not bad for a Monday...

All in all today could have been a lot worse...

I had an appointment with a man from a new copy shop today, which made my boss happy. The hour-long meeting with an attractive (though not at all my type) guy went very well. Bonus: he said I was extremely professional and very pleasant, of course he is trying to sell us his company's service, but still I think the snetiment was genuine.

Relations are getting back on track with our fiscal representative in the dean's office after the horrific incidents with the AMEX and some serious problems with faculty. I look forward to being able to do my job like a normal (okay semi-normal) person again. Bonus: less work for me, 'nuff said.

I am still working on my Sprout/Snape fic. I know it's weird; but have faith, it isn't as bad as it sounds... Bonus: I have been needing a creative outlet...

I also tried a new sandwich today: turkey, bacon, and monterey jack with avacado and chili sauce. It was good, but I still prefer the turkey and harvati with basil parmesean sauce. But the shells were awesome as always. Bonus: for the second day in a row I won a free coke off the top of my bottle. Rock On!
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