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A few questions...

Song: A Few Questions

(Ray Scott/Phillip Moore/Adam Wheeler)

How in this world can we put a man on the moon,
And still have a need for a place like St Jude's?
And why is one man born,
In a place where all they know is war?
An' a guy like me,
Has always been free.

An' how can two people who built a lovin' home,
Try for years an' never have a child of their own?
When somewhere out there tonight,
There's a baby no-one's holdin' tight:
In need of love.
To me, that don't add up.

This is the beginning of the "A Few Questions" a song recently released by country singer Clay Walker... I have wondered these myself and while I don't love the emphasis on God in this song, the lyrics are amazing and thought provoking.
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