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chasin' the sun and other random adventures...

It is starting to get dark much earlier here in Richmond and after next weekend it will be dark by around 5pm, which I hate (don't get me wrong I love the cool weather, etc. but I like a little more daylight in my life -- not that it matters as I spend most of my time in my windowless office anyway). Oh well, at least I will get an extra hour of sleep when standard time kicks back in?

As usual I spent the evening with rainpuddle13 and we had a wonderful time... even though I came home to find a coupon for a free cappucino that I could have used tonight sitting in my inbox. Oh darn not another trip to Barnes and Noble, well, if I have to... ;-)Besides, I can tell Pud and I will be spending our days hunting down Potter the Otter from now until Christmas.

Plus, I am still in search of the perfect Christmas cards. This reminds me, if you are on my friends list, or maybe you're a lurker (stop by and introduce yourself, eh?) I am sending out Christmas cards this year and the more the merrier, so drop me an email at with your name and address. It would make me mighty pleased!!!!!!

Also, I want to thank Pud for the lovely Snoopy stickers she sent through interoffice mail they are brilliant!!! Thankssss!

One other item of note: I saw the flags outside of the business school on campus today and they seemed to be at half staff or half mast, however you term it. Does anyone know if this is the case and why? I am going to be bothered about it until I find out if this is some sort of commemoration or if the savage winds a couple of nights ago just left our flags in less than spectacular shape...

And by the way, is it half staff or half mast? Which do you say?
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