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just another manic monday

Came into work today and much to my chagrin the office was chaos despite my careful planning. Argh!

Right now I am wading through forms and trying not to lose sight of the gusto experiement which has been going quite nicely for the past two weeks despite the fact that I am broke and listless.

My friend had her baby today. No word on a name yet, but the baby is a quite healthy little girl and I am going to see her tomorrow. YAY!

This weekend was wonderful for those keeping tabs on my insane lack of a life. Martinsville was really cool and I got great pictures so now I just need to find a way to upload them so people can see. The track was great and our seats were fabulous -- even better Jeff Gordon won after being dominate for most of the race. (He is my favorite driver and rainpuddle13's favorite as well!) And apparently I am a glutton for punishment because while I love Jeff, 'Pud can't stand him. Oh well, one day she'll wake up and see the light and quit rooting for that damn orange #20 car...

Can't wait to get home to my inbox tonight... I should have some delicious fanfic to sink my teeth into.

Edited to add: alphapythia's reuqest reminded me that my request for home snail mail addresses for "Christmas cards" was a bit too specific. I will be sending out holiday cards so when you send your name and email, let me know what you celebrate at your house. I will be happy to send you a fitting and festive card for the winter holidays!
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