Gilathief (gilathief) wrote,


I am so effing angry right now!

*Screams with anger/frustration/sadness*

Some of my husband's extended family just called and one of his cousins was watching her brother's dog for the weekend while he is out of town. She and her husband had a problem with some vicious dogs running loose in their neighborhood. But my husband's cousin didn't want to get involved and hence, didn't call animal control when the situation could have been handled calmly.

Today, her husband was outside with the dog they were caring for when he was attacked by these other dogs. Apparently, they mauled him very badly. It is very doubtful that Andy (that is the dog's name) will live. What's worse her husband had the opportunity to intervene but their daughter came outside and he had to make a choice between trying to save the dog or his child.

While I understand his decision... I guess, the whole thing never had to happen. Andy could still be alive and in one peice, the child wouldn't be scared half to death and they wouldn't be dealing with all this guilt.

It is really a shame when people don't step up to the plate. It's even worse when others have to pay for it.
Tags: dogs, personal, rants

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