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Oh Bugger!

So I have been getting the SoBig emails all day mostly from addresses listed as state agencies and other universities(.edu). I find it incredible that someone would have enough time on their hands to decide to create a virus and spread it around knowing what it does to human productivity, not to mention human patience (I swear if I could wrap my hands around the neck(s) of whoever created this damned thing I wouldn't stop until they were gagging and squirming) ... Grrrrrrrr! Anyway, I haven't opened any attachments of any kind all day, I have deleted stuff right away, and I have updated my virus protection and run a virus scan twice today. So I think, I hope and pray at least that I am covered!

Otherwise my day has been just fine. Actually, it just got a lot better since my boss just left for the day and asked me to check on a couple of textbooks on for him! Great idea leave the former English major in the office by herself and ask her to go poke around on Amazon! Ha! I love it!
Tags: computers, rants, work

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