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Update... hubby said last night when I got home that they wouldn't even really give her until the end of the year. The doctors have said it is pretty advanced.

I should point out that I am not sad, or at least not as sad as maybe I should be. I have had lots of disagreements with her in the past and I cannot help but feel that at 78 she is right in making the choice not to go through the cancer treatments.

I told my husband last night that she has lived a life most would envy, she grew up wealthy (she recalls having "servants" when she was little), went to college when most women didn't, taught school for a year, married a (as she puts it) smart and handsome doctor, had a son and two grandsons, and essentially never wanted for anything. She was afforded the luxury of travel and nice clothes... this doesn't make her actual situation any less sad, but it does seem to give her a sense of peace about leaving this world for whatever comes after. It is something she has accepted, as she does everything else, ... with extreme graciousness.

I guess I feel that she is making the right decision and that undergoing the treatments might be more of an insult ... but, her immediate family, with the exception of her husband (i.e. her sister and her son) don't seem to feel that way, so it is just difficult right now.

Do I hope the doctors are wrong and she has another ten or fifteen years? Sure. Do I want her to live those years being miserable? Nah, I don't dislike her that much! :)

Besides, none of us are guaranteed even one day more. I could leave my office at lunch and get hit by a bus, why bemoan her having "only a year" when she has had 78 good years already.

Someone tell me I am not being a jackass?
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