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The Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

Where is Kevin Nealon now anyway?

A good weekend all in all. I took the day off on Thursday to go to the fair, but we never made it there. Instead, we visited my husband's grandmother and cleaned our entire house. Yesterday I popped a load of dishes in the dishwasher and did some reading/studying. I also uploaded some photos to Scrapbook and some new icons to monstericons. Then last night we ordered a pizza for the first time in ages and had a quiet night at home.

Today we put up screens and blinds and steamcleaned upstairs, I also installed our new printer. It's fabulous!

Having lunch with my old boss tomorrow to talk about social marketing. Should be interesting. Have a major snag to work out at the new job (which still feels ultra new) and may be scarce until I get that all figured out...

Desperate Housewives was better tonight than last week. I am hopeful that this is one show that won't hit the sophomore slump!

Still haven't managed to catch Invasion, but I will be trying again on Wednesday. And of course Tuesday I have Nip/Tuck to keep myself occupied, and Miami Ink, of course they are at the same damn time and Boston Legal comes on then too... this is why I need Tivo!
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