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Random Monday Musing

Lately, I have been having real trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. Not in a creepy "impose my way on the rest of the world" way, just that I am mixing up time and events in my imaginary life from times and events in my real life. For example, I just emailed a co-worker in our dean's office to ask if she actually received something I (think) I took over to her on Friday...

OMG! Best TV season ever! Finally got around to checking out Invasion and it is good. Doesn't light my fire as much as some new shows, but I think it has loads of potential, plus I am coming into it in medias res so to speak, so I have to watch this week to get a better read. But Desperate Housewives, Rome, and Nip/Tuck all own my soul. They are really great shows. I ♥ them!

I fear I am letting my prurient nature take over a little too much... eek! Maybe it is just that I am soo bored with my own life right now that I am feeling entitled to reading/hearing salacious gossip about others. Whatever. I don't like it and I must break the cycle.

To that end, signing up for NANOWRIMO again this year and making a really dilligent effort. Since I have a hard time writing dialogue I am constructing some for fun and writing it down, some of it I may use, most of it probably not.

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday working on a new header image for after Halloween. The goal is to have three or four created in the next week or so and then create a poll to see which one you guys like best. I might even put them up on monstericons since my icons aren't getting any love...

I have a paper due on Wednesday, I still haven't done the first drop of research for... *deep breath* must work on that today because we all know my Tuesday is planned out already...

Back to work...
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