Gilathief (gilathief) wrote,

Miers, more mired in contrversy than ever...

A little reassurance:

As a corporate lawyer, she gained attention not for what she said but how she listened, and for how she kept clients' names out of the news. From teh LA Times Article

Tempered with even more shakiness:

Harriet Miers on Racial & Ethnic Minorities, & Police Power

Harriet Miers actively worked with minority bar groups and actively
helped raise money for scholarships for minority students at the SMU
law school.

Harriet Miers set aside her initial opposition and (contrary to
earlier reports, as I had cited) supported a power-sharing plan on the
Dallas City Council that eventually did give African Americans and
Latinos more representation.

Harriet Miers on the Dallas City Council apologized on behalf of the
city to black protestors who alleged that they were abused by police
officers, whose actions Ms. Miers termed "unprovoked and inexcusable."

See lots of contradiction, but that's about all.
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