Gilathief (gilathief) wrote,

Weekend Update

Good weekend, but exhausting. junkbox and I got together on Friday for $3 highballs and crab dip and then went back to her place and watched Sylvia. Alhough the movie was a little heavy-handed and despite the fact that I pretty much detest anything Syliva Plath, it wasn't a bad night overall. I got home, picked up around the house a bit and went to bed.

Saturday, I got up at 7am to make my husband some coffee before he headed to work. I then stayed up and cleaned until rainpuddle13 called. We went to O'Charley's for lunch and then to see Stay, which, while not the worst movie I have ever seen, kind of sucked... at least there was eye candy and we had great fun just hanging out together. Then we went shopping at Barnes and Noble (OMG can you say crowded much??) and Hallmark (yay!). When I got back I posted some M&M icons over at monstericons and picked up the house a bit more.

Later, my hasband I had went out to dinner with his family for his brother's birthday.

Yesterday, my husband and his brother went to Martinsville for the race since they got free tickets through work. I went with his parents to the pottery. We left our house a little before 5am and I caught a quick nap at his parents before heading to Williamsburg around 9am. Then after spending all day shopping yesterday, including the dreaded trip to the Mal-Wart, I went home cooked, cleaned, etc. before finally collapsing from exhaustion a hair before midnight. Daniel still wasn't home. He woke me when he got in a little after 1am and we talked for a few minutes, before both of us collapsed.

Ahhh Monday!

On a positive sidenote... Giants won, Jeff won. My Sunday was complete! I even got to brag gloat to my boss this morning!
Tags: football, friends, movies, nascar, shopping, weekend

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