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On November 6th, Geneva Lakes Greyhound Race Track in Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin, will close their doors for good and 1,000 of their racing dogs
will need homes.

Greyhounds Only, a not-for-profit rescue group (501-C-3) usually handles
these adoptions, however, with their current resources and volunteers, they
can only accommodate 20-25 of these ex-racing beauties.

Please get word out to all your friends and media affiliates across the
country that Greyhounds Only is in desperate need of other Greyhound Rescue
groups to pitch in and help. Transport can be arranged; it's the housing,
care, feeding and placement of these marvelous, gentle creatures that
needs immediate attention and volunteers.

We cannot stand idly by and let these ex-racing dogs be cast aside because
their owners no longer value them. They lived their whole lives being
someone else's commodity; now it's their turn to live the rest of their
lives in comfort being loved and pampered.

For more information:
contact Kathy Urzedowski at
Cell: 847-309-3647
Home: 847-587-0621

Take a moment to look at . On the home page click
on Enter. Look at those eyes on the next page. These animals deserve so
much more than they have known thus far. Click on the link that says
Geneva Lakes. Here you will find documents that you can print out and post
at your places of employment or where you shop.
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