Gilathief (gilathief) wrote,

Walking, it's what's for breakfast...

Well, we had great weather for the heart walk this mornng, very brisk, but good. Also, apparently all that walking I did in Rome last year was not in for nothing, because I didn't even feel winded. Of course it took us almost twice as long as I anticipated because my friend had to stop and pee and the line was forever for the port-a-potty. Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday or will before Monday morning. I cannot thank you guys enough!

I got home around 11:45, but had to wait for my husband until almost 12:30 because I locked myself out of the house. That seals it, tonight we are going to have a spare key made and put it somewhere in case we get locked out!

Also, meme,because I can:
Take the quiz: "What kind of eyes do you have? (with pictures)"

You have moonlight eyes. Moonlight is the color of mystery. Your eyes symbolize your ability to see yourself as others see you. You have finesse for letting other people know what you think. You have a soothing and calming ability that you may or may not know about. You have the awesome ability to draw a person's negative energy out and replace it with a positive energy; the world needs more people like you. Some words to describe you: patient, self-controlled, perseverance, insightful, reflective, understanding, serene, and caring.

Now I am off to find some hot chocolate and then finish (and hopefully post) my Thanksgiving Snoopy Icons!
Tags: good deeds, icons, memes

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