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A fun James Bond site!

Some of it is here, but if you have a chance to view the latest issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. I highly recommend giving it the once over, at least. The Chronicle's survey of college presidents is a very illuminating experience. My favorite stat? ... Community Service (The numbers are astonishingly LOW! Of the Democratic respondants only .6% volunteer daily for service unrelated to their job, while among Republicans the numbers (while still small) were considerably higher at 3.4%. If you have been around awhile, you know I have talked about this sort of thing before... I really don't understnad th divide, but I have seen it prove to be true on many occasions.

I am soo in the mood for pumpkin cheesecake and have been for days. At lunch a little bit ago, one of the professors in my department said he had pumpkin gellato the other night and now I want pumpkin cheesecake more than ever!

junkbox, powchili, grit_kitty, luguvalium, and rainpuddle13 (or anyone else who's local):
On Wednesday November 16th, Doug Wilder is giving a lecture on civic engagement at the Seigel Center. I really want to go, but I would rather have someone to tag along with me... anyone interested?
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