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Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away...

Yesterday I went home early with a slight fever took a long nap and spent the better part of the evening flipping between the CMA's and the O.C. (my god it is totally wrong how much I love this show! -- I think I even got my husband into it, WHEE!)

Today was total chaos! I woke up late because I took a Tylenol PM (Never a good idea, but do I learn from my mistakes HA!) They are evil I tell you -- evil! But at least I sleep really soundly and since we had thunderstorms go through last night that knocked out the power my alarm didn't go off... this equals me late to work (Well, in all honesty these factors combined with my husband's unusually amorous mood made for a very late start indeed!)

So anyway work is sucking but nothing new there. Every night now I just go home and hope the cable will have been repaired while I was out, alas, every day I go home to a modem which simply mocks me... HA HA! YOU'LL NEVER HAVE BROADBAND ACCESS AGAIN! My husband gave me hope though; he says he saw a Comcast truck outside our house... we'll see! Hmph!

Ooh on a positive note it is Thursday, which means much fun with Rainpuddle is still to be had! YAY!
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