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GoF Review

Overall, I loved the film. I thought it had a depth not seen in the previous three. I also thought that the film had a good look, a more accurate, more magical look, but not over the top. I wish Mike Newell would direct all the Potter films from this point forward.

What I Loved (in no particular order):
-Ron got to say more than "Bloody Hell!"
-Rita Skeeter was damned hot!
-The Quidditch World Cup and TriWizard tournament were both way cooler than I had pictured in my head...
-The ferret scene, sorry Pud!
-Neville and the Yule Ball (Where he came walking in at like 3am!!! He was so cute!)
-Emma's scenes being toned down a bit... and her actually doing some fairly good acting.
-The second task (the underwater stuff was great)
-The Death Eaters, The Dark Mark, and the Graveyard Scene
-The way the Portkey worked
-The twins
-The overall use of humor was great
-Book Cho Chang is totally annoying. Movie Cho Chang was cute (in an "awwww!" kind of way...)
-The reaction to Cedric's death, emotional, but not overboard in my opinion. Heartbreaking.

What I didn't like:
-The Way the Floo Powder worked... wtf mate?
-Cedric was hot but he didn't look at all as I had pictured him.

And since there wasn't much I didn't like...What I Missed:
-Resolution of the Rita storyline (which is important in book five) [sidenote: Miranda Richardson was so hot I didn't realize this until about three hours after I left the theatre]
-The twins' bet with Bagman (very important to future books)
-The Veelas
-Bella! Bella! Bella!

I think the movie can be best summed up by Harry's reaction to the tent at the Quidditch World Cup.... "I LOVE magic!" and in this flm you really do.
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