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So today was a half day at work. I took the entire day off. I spent all morning sleeping and rolling around on the floor playing with my puppies. I am the luckiest doggy mommy ever.

Been so busy at work, but in a good way, mostly planning for holiday things... we had our staff council luncheon yesterday to honor last year's officers and a happy hour the week before.

We have lots of great projects in the works. Hell, before the end of the year we are having a business meeting to plan for a January potluck/HR training and a Q&A session with the new fiscal director. We are also getting together a box for the troops in one of the council members' brother's unit (five of the guys in his unit never get anything from anyone! How sad is that?) and we are collecting donations for a local family for Christmas, the parents give us a list of Christmas toys, clothes etc and we provide them with toys and things on their list. We always have some people who just give money; we turn that into a gift certificate for a nearby grocery store so the parents can buy Christmas dinner and stocking goodies.

As for me, I am feeling a little worn down, well more than a little and since I missed my physical last month, I am going to try and call to see if I can get one scheduled for a Thursday in December it'll be two months late, but better late than never.

LJ has been all screwy so it is a good thing I haven't had a lot of time to post, everytime I try I run into server issues, but it is good to know they are working to make things better.

If I don't update again today (MUST CLEAN NOW!) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and Happy Thursday for those who don't celebrate it.

If you need me I will be mopping my kitchen so that I can bake yeast rolls sans dog hair tomorrow. Call me or maybe ping me later on YM!

Last call for holiday cards they are definitely going out on December 1st. Oh, and kirixchi how big is your mailbox? I don't think Clooney will fit in a mail slot and with his back troubles I don't want him waiting in a cramped mailbox! :P
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