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Since junkbox asked the other day, here are some current (or upcoming) movies I would like to see (in no particular order):
1. Capote (looks like it is no longer playing in Richmond... dammit!)
2. Harry Pooter & the Goblet of Fire (saw it with rainpuddle13 but I could watch it again)
3. Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (dude, it's Narnia!)
4. Bee Season (I read the book and would like to see how it works out as a movie, has potential)
5. The Family Stone (light funny fare)
6. The Squid & the Whale (looks really good)
7. Good Night & Good Luck (I still want to see this movie)
8. Walk the Line (saw it with my husband last weekend for his birthday, I recommend it... I will definitely be buying the DVD.)
9. Munich (again potentially interesting)
10. Shopgirl (even though my lazy ass still hasn't read the book)
11. Derailed (granted it is way down there on the list, but I like Jennifer Aniston and I think she might be good in a thriller)

No desire to see Pride & Prejudice it is one of those things I might catch on cable or rent on DVD, but the BBC version was so good I am spoiled for other adaptations...

Wonder what Wes Anderson is up to???
ETA: Now I know!
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