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First off, Happy Birthday Anni! I can never remember how to spell your user name... D'oh!

I stayed home today to recooperate and write my paper and clean house. Tasks complete 0 of 3... I suck!

Many of you know I have really been in the Christmas spirit, yeah well last night it was pretty much dashed completely.

So... my boss and many of my co-workers (anyone who was still around as of 7pm last night) went to Happy Hour together. No one invited me, even though I had spent all day running around preparing holiday festivities for them.

I swear I totally don't belong in this department... but it wasn't a big deal because yeserday was my husband's day off and he was going to come pick me up early (around 6pm anyway).

Except my husband fell asleep and left me at work until after 9pm.

We finally leave my office to go see tacky Christmas lights near where he works (pictures tomorrow) and my window gets stuck down, so I rode home in 25 degree weather on the interstate with the windows rolled down and no coat... :(

Since the window won't go up and I have already given lots of money to Christmas charities and things we are so completely effing broke that we are going to have to borrow money to get the damn thing fixed.

Oh yes, and we had sleet and freezing rain last night so we had to cover the window with a trash bag and, since we didn't have any duct tape or anything, scotch tape!!!!!!!!

Even better, my husband got pissed off about trying to get the trash bags on the window so I stalked off in a huff only to slip on the ice and wrench my back.

Now he has had to miss half a day of work to try and get the window motor replaced, so we'll be even more broke.

Plus, my paper which was due Wednesday (but I got an extension until today at noon) is still not done!

My life fucking blows. I am sorry but that's the way I feel right now.
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