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Weekend Update

Just to clarify, I am fine... I was looking at the journal entry I wrote yesterday and it seemed pretty damn tactless. I was just having a rotten day and probably should have kept my bitterness to myself...

In today's news, as promised I have included pictures of the Tacky Christmas lights. Pictures don't do this place justice -- seriously, I think these people must be made of money since they have to have at least fifty of those inflatable yard thingies (no offense but for my part I hate most of those inflatable yard ornaments most of them end up reminding me of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters).

In other news I have been meaning to say lots of glomping thanks to people who have sent me cards julie709 and si_crazy from the holiday_wishes community, and ladyoracle and empressvesica and most especially, katzk whose lovely gifts astonished me...

Kat I loved everything! It couldn't have been more perfect. You're amazing! I would love to get a couple of postcards from you sometime! Russia is so beautiful I cannot wait until I can go... ahhh well, someday...

In other less friendly news, this shit is what is causing such political dissention in this country ... why is it that someone who believes differently than you is suddenly the enemy? I will give Republicans their fair share of the blame as I think the current strcture of political dialogue in this country has been largely framed by them, but the Democratic response is simply nauseating, take this gem for example:

"You know, it is ludicrous at best for you and I to be arguing about how many Iraqis have died in this senseless war. If it is ONE DEAD, then it is ONE TOO MANY! Mr. Cheney's dark-side buddies must be pleased with the human beings that have been sacrificed to support their greed for power and money. ..."

Again, granted this is not a neutral site from what little of it I have seen, but really, the whole idea that someone with a different political ideology wakes up every morning thinking "now, how can I make the world a worse place for the other half?" is beyond ridiculous.

On a happier political note:
Click here to help lobby for a bill that would have state emergency plans integrate plans for companion and service animals. Even if you aren't an animal lover, take into account the tremendous implcations for human health and safety and consider sending a letter to your representative.

Dear :
Many Katrina evacuees and disaster victims were forced to leave their pets behind when they evacuated their homes, because no provisions had been made to evacuate companion animals along with their families. The emotional trauma of those forced to leave their pets behind and the suffering of thousands of animals was compounded by the health and safety risks that resulted from so many abandoned animals in one area.
Health risks ranging from parasite infestation to water contaminated with dead and decomposing animal carcasses were not uncommon in the weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Abandoned dogs formed packs and posed an additional safety threat to rescue and recovery workers throughout the area.
The humane community was able to rescue many pets left behind, but the burden placed on the humane community was overwhelming and could have been avoided if the states preparedness plans had taken people with pets and service animals into account prior to the disaster. Rescue workers repeatedly risked their lives to save as many abandoned animals as possible in the months following Hurricane Katrina.
Moreover, many pet owners, knowing their companion animals could not accompany them, decided to stay in their homes with their pets, further aggravating human rescue efforts. The PETS bill would help ensure that this situation does not repeat itself if another major disaster strikes!
It is imperative that states be prepared to meet the needs of people with household pets and service animals in the wake of a major disaster or emergency. Therefore I respectfully urge you to support and cosponsor the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thanks prozacnation for sending me the link!

Pride and Prejudice mood theme is complete, but not yet uploaded. Perhaps this week if not, definitely next. Does anyone know what program I need to be able to create a Zip file to place the images (they are all 50*100) on my icon journal? Speaking of, I did eight Marcia Cross icons this afternoon, some of them are pretty cute...

What else was I going to say? I can't recall...

Okay, off to finish cleaning the bathroom.

Stolen from dlombard:
Handwriting Analysis

What does your handwriting say about YOU?
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