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Every call I get from someone at my old job is bittersweet... even though that place worked me to death most days, I miss it, yes even being underpaid and undervalued overall didn't change that. Perhaps it is time I took a long look in the mirror and made some changes. I think I am probably a bit massochistic.

As for the new job, not much to tell. I have been here six months and it still feels like the new job. I have very little responsibility and I clearly don't fit in here. Last week everyone went to Happy Hour without so much as a I wish you could join us. Apparently, they go all the time, and maybe it wasn't purposeful, but it really would have been nice to be invited, or at least, not snubbed.

I hurt my finger last night and I have a band-aid on it, so my typing is even worse than usual today...

Virginia Native American Remains Headed Home


Stop being so first ladyish and put on some Eddie Bauer and hand out water bottles!
Speaking of First Ladies...looks like the new first lady of Virginia has been under the gubernatorial desk before..."
Well, my dog thought it was funny!


And finally, I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille...

I want to go dancing, anyone wanna take me?
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