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This morning I had a doctor's appointment because I thought I had an ear infection brewing... turns out I was wrong, just more post-nasal drip. So I got some more Flonase samples and a prescription from the doctor and was on my way... which meant I had time to eat an Egg McMuffin and drink a cup of Mickey D's coffee. Yay!

Not so yay... I have gained 15 pounds since my Otcober visit... oy! Diet after the holidays for real this time! (Who am I kidding?) (I should also point out that some of that is merely the difference in the time of the month that I was wieghed last time versus this time...

In other, happier news, lots of icons to go up at monstericons in the next few days... If you haven't joined up yet please do, I love new members! [/pimping]

Today is my last day at work until January 2nd. I know I will be watching the clock ALL. DAY. LONG.

Entertain me s'il vous plait?
Tags: christmas, health, icons, personal, work

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