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Some vacation!

I am exhausted!


-Prepared / baked turkey breast, homemade gravy, homemade mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.
-Cleaned house
-Met up with junkbox for Panera and tarot...
-Got my husband's gifts handed off to his parents so he has no clue what they are...
Made lots of new icons...(grrr now I am having trouble getting them up though...
-Played with my puppies
-Finished gift stuff...

Thursday: (Happy Belated Yule by the way!)
-Did minimal house straightening
-Got haircut
-Went to visit friends and spent all day helping watch the new baby and making Christmas cokies... I say this like it was a bad thing (which it wasn't at all) just that it took a lot out of me.
*Think I may have landed food poisoning from something as I spent all last night praying to the porcelain gods...

and then...

-Uploading icons
-Gift wrapping
-Sending last-minute mail that I meant to get out before now...
-Making kahlua balls for my husband to take to work
-Making dinner (Iif I don't cave and just order a pizza, I am sleepy!)

-Last minute cleaning, wrapping, etc.
-Color my hair
-Shower, get ready
-Christmas eve at Daniel's grandparents complete with dinner (which I will be doing most of)
-Exchange gifts at Daniel's parents
-Get home around 1am, let dogs out and collapse from exhaustion

-Up early to drive to Norfolk for Christmas day with the rest of my husband's family
-Drive back and down to my gradmother's for brief visit
-Private gift exchange with husband and puppies
-Movie (possibly Narnia) with brother in law and his fiancee
-Again collapse from exhaustion
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