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Ch ch ch ch changes...

Changed the look of my journal for February! I even have a raunchy Mae West quote for my blurb. Gosh, I love an irrevrent woman!

Thanks for the hugs and sympathy on my last post, the migraine that has plagued me Tuesday, Wednesday and earlier today has mostly dissipated...

This week I have been seriously busy with work, school, and the research project (which is going really well!), so busy in fact that I had spent over 40 hours on campus between Monday and Wednesday... that's a lot... then another 8 and a half hours today...

As larinzia mentioned in her journal, tomorrow is National Wear Red Day and I will be participating. I hope you will too!

More winter is good, now if he could just arrange for some snow, life would be grand!

Supposed to get together with my sister in a few weeks, I really don't want to hear her lecture me about God and yoga and dieting and why she is five trillion times better than me, but on the other hand, we need to catch up.

Before I forget, Happy Birthday to zeldaophelia I hope it has been a great day!

I am off to eat some chocolate chip cookies. I am all hormonal and I think the cookies will help.

I know there is more I wanted to say but I can't remember. Maybe tomorrow, we shall see...
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