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Guess who is coming to lunch??

My boss and I had lunch at a local hotel today to discuss some conference planning details. I was notably distracted by a young man in one of the banquet rooms we went into... then later again in the hotel restauarant.

I kept thinking, ... *Wow, that guy looks and sounds (funny how you remember people's voices) just like K*, a guy I knew in high school...* I kept trying to get a better look at him, but every time I thought I was sure I would look again and think, *no, probably just someone who looks like him...*.

Right before we finished lunch the hotel manager came over to his table (which was very close to ours) to ask how everyone had liked their meals, as they were shaking hands I listened intently over introductions. When he introduced himself to the manager I KNEW for sure it was him.

I am really excited because K* is the type of person who may have actually stayed in touch with lots of folks I would like to make contact with again.

As we left I caught K*'s eye and waved. He smiled and stood up, "I thought that was you," he said; smiling, he added "you've changed your hair so I wasn't sure."

We only had about 45 seconds to talk but he did notice my wedding band (I don't wear my engagement ring). "You're married," he asked. "Yeah," I said, "Daniel and I got married in Vegas in 2002, we live on the southside now". "WOW YOU MARRIED HIM???"... "Ummm yeah, Geez K* he wasn't that far out of my league!!! :-P"

"No, no, no, not that at all, it's just, I mean, I went to kindergarten with him!" (I already knew that, but K* got such a kick out of it, so I decided to keep that bit of knowledge to myself).

Turns out he is pursuing his MBA here, so we exchanged info and we'll hopefully get in touch soon and maybe visit some over the summer. He brought up the reunion, which neither of us has heard a peep about, we'll see how it goes. It was just a wonderful surprise.

Oh yes, turns out my boss knows him too, since he works for a local company and our department did some consulting for them a couple of years ago. Very cool!

Small world.
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