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Showing my age

I watched the Olympics last night for the first time during these winter games...

Well, Arakawa was definitely the best skater in the long performance last night, beautiful, graceful, just stunning.

Although I was thrilled when Sarah Hughes surprised everyone, including herself, four years ago and brought home gold, I haven't really felt great about a female figure skater since Katarina Witt in the eighties. I was never a big fan of either Kristi Yamaguchi (sp?) or Michelle Kwan, or even Nancy Kerrigan, for that matter. I think Kimmie Meissner has the potential to have that kind of spark that Witt had but only time will tell...

Personally, Sasha Cohen has never really done much for me and I really felt that Irina Slutskaya got screwed out of the silver last night. Slutskaya's downfall is that she is a powerful (but not as graceful) skater. She wasn't what the judges were looking for, but she was very high energy and her music and choreography were powerful, high-energy stuff. I felt so bad for her when she fell.
Tags: figure skating, ice skating, irina slutskaya, katarina witt, kimmie meissner, olympics, winter

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