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Miscellaneous irks and quirks...

rainpuddle13 mentioned the crazy things people will sell on eBay and I must say I have seen some wacky stuff including pecker shaped salt and pepper shakers, probably the wackiest (and by far most ballsy) being the "Ghost in a Jar" that sold for nearly thirty grand! What idiot bought that I wonder?????

I also had a wonderful, if brief AIM conversation with kirixchi Yay! 'Twas fun and we will have to talk again some time... total (((hugs))) for putting up with the slightly loony friend! I have been there!

Now on to my ramblings for the day...

1. On Friday Cindy and I went to Sam's club where I manged to buy only twenty five dollars worth of stuff with no nutritional value. Among the items purchased were two things of Hershey's chocolate syrup and a gigantic box of Hershey's brownie mix. Had the brownies tonight and they were amazing!

2. My boss is a total geek. He had his email client changed the other day and asked me to use his passwords when the tech came in to do the install the password is the scientific (genus) name for some fish species -- this is the same fish biologist who has a picture of Darth Vader and Star Wars figurines on his desk and closes his door to listen to Weird Al albums!

3. I am writing a HP Fanfic, my first fanfic ever... and I am a little nervous that the Sprout/Snape pairing will drive some folks away. Oh well...

4. We have two problems with our house which must be remedied immediately. Our upstairs toilet runs constantly and the window upstairs in our unfinished space has never been sealed properly. The toilet is no biggie. I think twenty bucks, an hour of cursing, and a little plumbing know-how will do it. As for the upstairs window the problem is much worse -- there is a fly nest in there somewhere as there are probably five hundred (mostly dead) flies in there. So we must spray and kill, then trim out the window. Ewwww!I am not looking forward to this expedition.

5. Sex makes me hungry, umm I think I have already said too much on that topic, so moving right along...

6. I have little or no maternal instinct, what's worse this doesn't bother me...

7. My dogs prefer sleeping with me to sleeping with my husband, probably because he often rolls over on them unintentionally. I fell asleep in the office/guest room last night and they slept with me while he slept alone downstairs. Interesting sidenote: my dogs are incredibly warm, like soft, fuzzy, portable heaters I swear!

8. Think I am reverting back to childhood. In addition to the great Super Bouncing Ball quest Cindy and I have embarked on, I now want a Snopopy PEZ dispenser I saw one tonight, but I had already paid for my purchase and wasn't going to have my card run again.

9. My obsession with penguins is bordering on unnatural!

Good night everyone hope your had a fantabulous weekend!

Edited to add:

10. I hate it, and I mean absolutely can't stand when people put up and then turn on Christmas lights like weeks before Thanksgiving. It is just wrong I say, very, very wrong!

Edit #2:

Check this out... I especially like the Stephen King one, but lots of them are amusing...
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