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Another Verse, Same as the First

So everyone here has been all excited about Spring break... except me. All spring break means for me is that if I want a break I have to use leave time, and while I have plenty, I don't want to throw it away frivilously, when the workload should be a little lighter this week, by virtue of everyone being gone.

Classes (Criminal Law and International Relations) are still going okay, but I do get a break from those this week. Again, this would be a good thing, but since I have no way home anyway, all it really does is make for a longer day here at the office. *slump*

Thanks to those who requested graphics yesterday. I did take a short nap, but I got up and worked on the requests, so everything worked out fine and I was in bed and asleep before 1:30. If you'd like to make a graphic request (no, not like that... pervs!) you can drop a comment over at my most recent entry at monstericons. While you're at it, check out the oodles of new icons I put up over the weekend.

At Sam's club yesterday, Mr. Gilathief and I got some fresh strawberries. Yum! As much as I wanted snow, I am thrilled to think about spring and summer and all the gardening I can do. (If we could just remove bugs and heat from the equation, summer wouldn't be half bad, of course it would also be, well, FALL.)

We are very seriously trying to make our hopes of a vacation in Ireland come true this year. (SO EXCITING OMG!) We've also made a committment to find a day or two to visit the Jamestown exhibition next year, since neither of us has been since we were 10 or 12, and they are supposed to be doing some really neat things to celebrate the 400th anniversary.

Okay, I may be MIA for much of the morning I have a 4 hour training set to begin at 9:30am. Bah!

ETA: Two things I stupidly forgot:

A new book on Upton Sinclair, that looks interesting!

If you haven't clicked ont he Google logo this morning, you should, and here's why. GEEK ALERT!
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