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The Weekend Is Here!

Yay the weekend has finally arrived! I made chili last night, then toodled a bit on the computer before hitting the bed -- before 12:30 on a weekend that might be a new record for me!

I have a new default icon of my two lovely girls Ginger and Nutmeg. I am so happy!

I saw this posted last night in dog_lovers
Josephine is a little stray dog that was found after someone tried to skin her alive and left her for dead.

There is no punishment harsh enough for the people that did this.

Operation Kindness is offering a $2500.00 reward for info leading to the capture of the assholes that did it.

There was a similar story on our local news a few days ago about someone throwing acid in the face of a German Shepard and leaving it for dead.

Then there are pages like this filled with atrocities of terrific proportions. A woman who tied her Jack Russell Terrier to her car was fined $250.0 and was given probation, that's funny the dog didn't get off with probation... Why should she? Grrrrrrrrr...

I cannot understand how human beings with all their supposed intelligence and "humanity" could do something like this... To harm any defenseless animal, simply for your own amusement is unthinkable to me. I have no patience with people who do such things and I hope they rot in hell quite frankly.

Several studies have shown a link between animal abuse/mutilation and violent crimes toward people. When are we as a society going to enforce the punishments already in place and tighten the severity of those punishments for people who do such things?? Wake up people -- this is a serious problem! Leave it to fester if you will... but if you are content with some poor stray animal being beaten, set on fire, covered in glue, or left for dead, please dear god don't start bitching and moaning when you find out that the person who did it is now doing the same (or worse, to other people, including children).

The human race is so disgusting, sometimes I wish I was a cockroach. Disgusting yes, but not nearly as disgusting as the things people can do to one another and the animals we are here to protect.
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