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I am alive and all is as well as can be hoped for, mom isn't moved so it will have to happen this week and this weekend... but thanks so much to everyone for the support and hugs -- I really needed them! I had hoped to have icons up this weekend, but I don't see that happening since I am so behind on housework, etc. thanks to this long and stressful week.

Extra thanks and huge hugs to mynuet who talked me through a lot of this stuff the other night. I have so much to do today I seriously doubt I will get to call, but if it is okay I may call one evening this week and chat for a couple of minutes...? Let me know, and I hope all is well with you! *hugs*

Done today:
Called mom
Two loads of laundry
Grocery shopping
Cleaned out fridge

To Do:
Pay bills
Plant the tulips I bought
Finish Laundry
Sweep Deck
Go to our friends' house for dinner
Tags: family, house, work

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