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I love the OED!

Interesting word of the Day:

oneirodynia n. Brit. /()nrdn/, U.S. /onarodni/ [< ONEIRO- + -ODYNIA, after post-classical Latin oneirodynia (1780 in the passage translated in quot. 1800); cf. French onéirodynie (1795)], disturbed sleep, including that in which nightmares and sleepwalking occur. oneiromantist n. [cf. ancient Greek ] = ONEIROMANCER n.

At work, I have been putting up a new word every day on the whiteboard outside my door. I presently work in a Statistics department, surrounded by Math-y types, who I thoguht would be most uninterested. However, at least 5-6 of the faculty, stop by every day to check out the word and a handful more stop by most days. Many of the faculty have commented that they love learning something new.
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