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Subjects are boring

No, consider that a warning, boring post ahead. >>>

Friday sucked, horribly, and I am going to forget it ever existed. The balloon for those who asked, was a gift from my boss on last Wednesday (Administrative Professionals Day).

Saturday and Sunday were very productive, in addition to the usual cleaning I bathed the dogs and sorted through all the paperwork in the upstairs office and threw a bunch of old stuff away and gathered a few things for the Goodwill. Hopefully, we'll get rid of thos sometime this week.

I found out they upped the limit on my credit card, so we are transferring one of my husband's high balances and paying that damned thing off. Yippee! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel financially.

Also, we got a gorgeous new light fixture and put it up in the entryway. The one that was there was old, and falling apart and just plain ugly. This one is much nicer and will give us loads more light!

I am irritated at the irises beside my house, they are lush and green, and huge, but have no blossoms. Grrrrr! Let that be a lesson to me that I should have fertilized them back in March.

In less boring non me-centered news, go here and get on board, especially for the travel-y types among you this is a really cool site.

Lastly, mynuet I am so sorry I missed your call yesterday. I haven't even had a chance to listen to the message yet, but I will soon ... *huggles you* for being such a great friend!
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