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Letter meme again...

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My F List:

1. FAN (Feminist Action Network) - Women's organization I resurrected along with a few very good friedns while in college. The organization is still going and is now called Feminists United (FU, get it?)

2. Flannery O'Connor - How much do I love her and Southern Gothic stuff? So good. "Good Country People" gets me everytime.

3. Fears - I have my fair share of these: spiders, bees, frogs, and failure among them.

4. Flip-flops - I hate wearing socks. I would wear flip flops or sandals of some kind all year long if I could get away with it.

5. FRIENDS - I loved this show! I was so sad when it went off the air.

6. FU@* - A word I use far too often, probably about five times today... :/

7. Fresh-cut summer grass - I love the way grass smells right after you cut it, luckily I don't think I am allergic.

8. Flonase - Speaking of allergies, I don't think I could make it through this time of year without my Flonase...

9. Frappaccinos - mmmm yummy, especially the Vanilla and Caramel ones.

10. Fiber - I need more of this in my diet.
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