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This made me cry... say a prayer for this guy and pass the word along!

Help an animal in need and one of our armed forces as well! ETA: Locked entry, sorry guys! Here is the message:

Hello. I’m Anthony, an Airman in the USAF and am about to be sent overseas. I am looking for someone that might be interested in fostering or adopting my two cats.

These two were born under the porch of my wife and I's first apartment together. The mother cat had ingested some sort of toxin, and ended up dying. The kittens were so tiny and alone, so we took them in and nursed them until they were old enough to eat on their own.

They are the most loving and affectionate cats I have ever known. They are both three years old, completely box trained (with NO accidents or messes outside the box EVER), excellent with all people, children, and other pets. They might be a little shy at first with other animals, but within a few days, they completely warm up to them, and you will see them laying with/cleaning them etc. They are completely non-aggressive animals.
They are both fixed and received all of their shots.

The male is a black/dark gray and white tabby mix. He has one small special need. Every six months he needs to get an allergy shot (about $15 at your vet's office). We're not sure what is causing it, but once his allergy shot wares off, he becomes very itchy, and scratches/bites at himself until fur starts going missing. The vet here could not explain what the allergy is from specifically. But the $15 shot every six months ensures he is otherwise in perfect health. He has a very sweet and loving disposition, and will make it very well known that he wants your love. He is quite a character, and loves to be curled up in your lap or beside you.

The female is a treasure. She is a torti mix. Her personality is so affectionate and nurturing. She loves to give kitty kisses and having her belly rubbed. She always wants to be close to you, and she sometimes even talks to you (she responds to human speech with her meows, and she will do it for so long that it's almost like a conversation!). She is sweet as can be.

As i mentioned before, these cats are 3 years old, so they are out of their "I'm a kitten and need to climb on/destroy everything!" stage. They are completely content just being around you. I would optimally like to find one home for the both of them, but will be glad just to see them in good homes.

Please, if you intend on de-clawing them, or mistreat them in any way, I ask that you do not respond to this. They have had a very calm, happy life, and I would like to ensure that they will live out the rest of their days in the same way.

My wife is still in Starkville, MS, but will be moving next couple weeks. She is willing to transport the cats to a reasonable location if necessary. We need to find homes for these two ASAP. We have extra pet carriers that you are welcome to take!

Thank you for all of your help!!!! This is a very difficult and heartbreaking process... and your assistance with this helps a great deal.

Also a fellow LJer has a question that I hope someone on my f-list can answer...
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