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For Grey's fans...

Just when you thought Meredith maybe wasn't that bad...

Ugh! was anyone else as p!$$ed off about her and Mc Dreamy last night as I was?

And Addision, for god's sake go find McSteamy and F@^* his brains out!!!! 'Cause dude, Meredith and McDreamy they deserve each other.

Dude Izzy I loved ya', but WTF you totally are not cut out to be a surgeon, at least you pegged that one.

Burke, I know you're going to be fine, because if you aren't I may have to kick some serious writer ass!
Christina, meh, but you totally don't deserve him...

George, Geroge, George, total newfound respect for you after your conversation with Meredith...

...who I was beginning to respect for her "You don't get to call me a whore/ I will not apologize for how I choose to fix what you broke" speech, know what there Mere, I take it back he can call you a whore.. it was one thing when you didn't know about Addison but now, puhlease. Oh well, like mother like daughter.

Speaking of, the best scene of the episode was the one where the chief was "interrogating" each of them about Denny and Meredith called hi on the affair with her mother. This was made even more awesome by his wife's assertions earlier in the show. I wanted to hug her and offer a "You go girl!" at the same time.

And did anyone else cry when they put Doc to sleep? I was bawling!
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