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See OP in the dog_lovers community.

A133903 - Blackie has been at our shelter for almost 5 months! Can you imagine being in jail for almost 5 months and you did NOTHING wrong and you know you're innocent?

Blackie did nothing but love his owners for 14 years!!! Does he deserve this? His owners turned him into our shelter because he was ill.............ill? He has not shown any ill symptom of any sort! He is as healthy as can be! Remember he has been here for almost 5 months and has not even developed kennel cough or URI!!!!
He is healthier than most of our younger dogs!

Today I took him for a walk because he has been signed off for Monday morning :-(
When I took him out of his kennel, I can almost read his mind. He was almost smiling! After witnessing all the dogs that have been getting adopted in HIS kennel over the last 4 months.........he thought it was his turn to go home. Instead, after taking him for a walk, I had to put him back :-( It broke both our hearts. I promised him I will try my BEST to get him out of here.

He was so happy when I took him for a walk. He was lifting his chin up high against the wind as if he was breathing "freedom". Then I noticed he had an underbite! So cute! I asked him to sit and he sat! I sat next to him and just stared at him and he kept looking at everyone coming into the shelter and greeting them wagging his tail.

Since I already promised him I will get him out, can you please help this poor old man? This might be his last walk..........please let him have plenty of more walks to go to.........he deserves it.

He has been here since 01-25-06! He gets along with every dog and every person. He has been neutered and is about 14 yrs.

Please help cross post and HELP.......remember we only have until
Monday :-(

Thank you so much

Debbie Betancourt
New Hope Coordinator
3201 Lacy Street
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Tel. (213)485-8855
Fax (213)847-0555
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