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As you may or may not have noticed my LJ use has been limited lately... I am still around, just very busy and not up for LJ'ing as much.

Numberred list because I am limited on time:

1. I have decided (definitely) that I am going to apply to law school, this means that with the exception of my trip to NYC at the beginning of August my spending will have to be severely limited.

2. Administrative law is going well despite the workload, as you might guess from the above comment.

3. I am trying to get a new job, this would allow me to have a little more money to save before I begin law school (if I get in).

4. I have had terrible allergies this year, including a sore throat that has lasted for about two and a half weeks now. It is making me miserable. :(

5. Reunion planning is going pretty well. I am making a bunch of contacts and having fun putting the thing together...

6. Before I forget, because I will, Happy Birthday to mynuet and missmeridian tomorrow and to all of my birthday twins on Monday!

Happy (Early) Birthday!


I am pleased to share my birthday with all of you, well all of you and Garfield!
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