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Wasabi with that?

Chinese demographic experts say the leadership is unlikely to abolish the one-child rule, because it is reluctant to admit that one of its signature policies was in any way a failure —particularly in view of the disastrous population boom encouraged by Mao in the 1950's.

Finally, a policy that makes sense!!!

The committee also voted to add the HPV vaccine to the coverage list for the federal Vaccines for Children program, which pays for immunizations for the poor. That could mean more than $400 million in additional spending in the first year, government officials said.

This stuff smells so good it should be illegal


A pretty reasonable explanation of some of the larger issues involved with Net Neutrality

And this gets to the disturbing aspect of the telecom's position: they have realized that the real value of their network is not the network itself, but the information travelling over it. AT&T makes its money by building and selling infrastructure, but there's a much higher value-add for offering an innovative service delivered over that network. So they want to move into that game, either by building more capabilities into the network, or by shaking down the people who are using the network to get their innovative business idea to customers.

This is where ending net neutrality becomes a potential innovation killer. Ending net neutrality will raise the entry costs for new businesses. We've seen companies like Google and eBay rocket from startups with brilliant ideas - better search technology, creating a global, dispersed marketplace - into giants. That's going to get harder when established players (which is what those companies are now) have an advantage in reaching customers.


In other news I have been having the weirdest dreams lately, about being robbed, raped, murdered, etc. it is all very odd and disturbing and I always wake up feeling very out of sorts. *sigh* In last night's dream, I tried to stop someone from taking my wallet and he was able to shape shift into a dog (my dog, Ginger) and he was trying to kill me for foiling his plans. A couple of nights ago I had a really bad (and terribly realistic rape/murder dream where I woke up screaming... *double sigh* Why won't my overactive mind shut down for just a little while and allow me to sleep? Anyone care to tell me what that's all about?

I have been working hard and studying hard for this administrative law class and I have been following the Supreme Court decisions even more rigorously than usual and discussing them at every opportunity with anyone who'll listen. I am sure it is quite obnoxious really. I have also made a great friend in a classmate, who is awesome, he has been really encouraging on the law school front too. I'm really feeling like I have found my way.

Speaking of finding things... OMG, I don't know if it is but I have been getting so much more positive attention lately, especially from the opposite sex. I suppose two culprits may be at play here. Either:

a) My biological clock is ticking and I am emitting massive quantities of pheremones.
b) The increased confidence and energy that comes with having made an important decision and working toward its completion has given me the assertiveness and inner radiance I need to be a happy and well-socialized person.

Looks as if I might have some good news on the job front soon too and my husband might as well. If we both get what we are up for, it'll mean about an extra 15k a year. Not too shabby... *crosses fingers*

Anyone on my f-list tried BPAL stuff, I think I asked this before, but I was looking at their website and saw that the sample packs are relatively cheap. I think I will try them out.

Finally, Happy Birthday to rainpuddle13 *huggles*


Jun. 30th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
woot to the hpv vac! yay!

Interesting. I'd never thought of population control having suck weird consequences. I guess anything done too fast is bad...

I hate the chinese govt way of doing things, but I did understand the whys of it. I've always been for resonsible breeding myself and thought most people shoudl stick to one or two kids, that was at most a couple would replace themselves and no more. I can see how having yourselves in the workforce in a generation would be really shocking. I think there's got to be a way to encourage and reward people for thinking carefully about how many kids they have, without forced abortions and craziness. But, I haven't a clue what it would be, except to say that the population always slows where women are given more rights and education, so I suppose that's a big key.
Jun. 30th, 2006 08:47 pm (UTC)
I agree, you really do see though that population is such a delicate balance not only between the living and the dead/unborn, but among the various age groups as well ... looking at it that way, it's nothing short of amazing that humanity has managed this far.

Happy Weekend!

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