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This morning's brain seine...

I think I may be changing jobs in the next couple of weeks since the second interview went well. My current boss and I talked about it yesterday and he thinks it's a done deal, so... more to come.

Will the Olympics, which organizers promised would enhance the city’s ‘‘cultural heritage,’’ instead help finish off what remains of old Beijing?

Thinking of ordering these for my dogs.

"He's got an amazing ability to improv, because he has such a mind for storytelling,"

Putin surprised by reaction to kiss

Last but not least, I thought this was very interesting:
Another look at solving the AIDS problem

Their analysis is based on findings from a recent study financed by the French government of 3,274 men outside Johannesburg, where half of them underwent circumcision and the other half did not. After 17 months, 49 of the uncircumcised men became infected with HIV, while only 20 of the circumcised men caught the virus.

*ponders the ethical applications of the study* ... *is unsettled*

Exam tonight and then this class is over. *Thanks gods* I have been cramming lots of stuff into my head lately, brain binging I guess, and I think I need to purge...

Oooh and I almost forgot...
An interesting excersize in futility...
*For the record I put absolutely no stock whatsoever in this and thus, the excersize in futility part.
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