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Summer Movie Cheat Sheet

Just so I don't forget...

I watched Life is Beautiful last night. It was brilliant, very poignant. I have been averaging 3-5 movies a week. I should have been keeping better track from the beginning, but off the top of my head here are the movies I have seen for the first time this summer (since, say June 1st):

1. The daVinci Code (in theatre) ***
2. Philadelphia ****1/2
3. Life is Beautiful ****
4. Scarface **
5. Se7en ***
6. Cars (in theatre) ***
7. Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl **
8. Butterfield 8 ****
9. National Velvet **
10.A Place in the Sun ***1/2
11.From Here to Eternity ***
12.The Manchurian Candidate ****
13.On the Waterfront *****
14.Adam's Rib *****
15.The African Queen ***
16.A Philadelphia Story ***
17.Mr. Smith Goes to Washington ****1/2
18.Sunset Boulevard ***
19.North By Northwest ***
20.Gosford Park **1/2
21.The Quiet American ****
22.Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason ***
23.Along Came Polly ***
24.Soylent Green *1/2
25.The Maltese Falcon **

*=Blech! **=Eh... ***=Plenty Watchable ****=Enjoyable *****=Brilliant!

I am also reading Kate Remembered, the biography of Katharine Hepburn that was so popular a few years ago, and I am finding it an enjoyable way to pass the time.
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