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It's almost October and I haven't updated very much this month and I don't see next month being any better; in fact, it will probably be worse with the site visits coming up at work and my second clas starting.

I got a great idea for a book the other day. October will be my fish or cut bait on Nanowrimo this year. I never seem to get much done... truth is I am more a reader than a writer.

I just enjoy absorbing the world around me so much sometimes. Anyway, I saw this really attractive guy at a coffee shop near campus the other day. He looked a lot like Andre Agassi (not heartthrob twentysomething long-haired Agassi, but attractive well-polished forty-something Agassi). He had an orange Mac and a beautiful dalmation and I was inspired to write about the chance encounters we have with people -- about chemistry between people who want or need nothing from each other but connect fleetingly and for no reason at all.

High school reunion is next weekend. I have lots to get done for that and for the site visit on the ninth. No idea how I will manage all of that and the other plans I have this week. Monday, I am going to a lecture on gender violence with a friend and Tuesday and Thursday I have Latin class, including a test I am sure I will bomb on Thursday. Wednesday I am sure I will need to work late and study in any "spare time" I have.

Last night junkbox and I went to a gathering at her husband's former co-worker's house. I had only met this woman once, but we clicked right away, so I was happy to have been invited. It was a girl's night thing. It turned out to be awesome. All profesional women, most mid to late twenties. It was the first time in Richmond I have seen such a diverse group get together... they are thinking of starting a women's auxillary and if they do, I'd love to join. Seems like just the sort of thing I need.

Damn, I just love this time of year. I wish it could stay like this forever. The weather the past few days has been glorious.

<<< Oh, and this morning I tried my hand at my first mini-move type animated icon dealie!!!! I like it, though it needs some tweaking. (Essentially this was a GIP which grew some substance...)
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