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A rundown of the last few weeks for those who care to share in my misery:

1. Got sick in mid-September, thought it was seaonal allergies, turned out to have been triggered by mmold in the building at my new job. Have been working from another location (in our dean's office since about 9/25.
2. Last week we had a site visit from our accreditation team. Not wanting to address the building issues I was stationed over in the main classroom building most of the time. Used laptop to perform most tasks remotely.
3. In middle of site visit find out I have been elected President of our staff couuncil. Miss first staff council meeting introducing officers because of accreditation viist.
4. Found a great fare to London $280 round trip fare with taxes. Had plans to go with a friend the week of November 17th, until...
5. A wonderful Friday the thirteenth. I discover that we have had a babbling brook emerging from our water main. Now I get to call and haggle with the county to get our upcoming water bill reduced. Said bill estimated by plumbers at $5500.00 (our normal water bill (bimonthly) is $40, so needless to say this amount is not in the budget. In addition there is mud in our pipes, causing no water to get through so we are living with my in-laws 'til it can be repaired.Estimated move back in date: Friday. Estimated Cost: $4K (they basically have to redo all of our plumbing). Fun!
6. Have a Latin quiz tomorrow and homework which I have not even looked at. Second class starts in two weeks after the third of three site visits.
7. Still sick... want to keel over from exhaustion.
8. Already starting to hate my in-laws', living there with the two dogs is not ideal.
9.Just remembered this morning that I forgot to do some fund-raising for the heart association walk this morning; am ruishing to do that before the walk this weekend. EEEK!
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