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Ahhhhhhh... I am breathing easier today!

Two big things came off my plate today, at least I hope they did...

Big Thing Number One:
After nearly a month of trying to contact the buffoon in Administrative Information Technology I *talked* to him today! This means we will set up a meeting for early next week and hopefully have everything squared away before the holidays or shortly thereafter. We have been working with Media Support on this website redesign for almost a year, heck half of the information is already out of date. But, PROGRESS! Wow! What a beautiful thing!

Big Thing Number Two (This Made My Day):
My husband and I bought a house back in late February. (YAY!) Well, of course we'll be paying on it for the rest of our lives pretty much, but yay anyhow! So we moved in late February/early March. Again with the yayness!

In late April or early May we got a letter from the county Commissioner of the Revenue's office saying we owed $550+ in delinquent taxes. We immediately freaked out since our property taxes were supposed to be included in our monthly mortgage payment (so is our insurance, but I digress)... I called the Commissioner's office and they told me that the taxes were from the previous year. I explained that we didn't own the house then and they said that I needed to call my closing attorney and find out why these taxes hadn't been paid at closing. So I called the attorney. Paralegals there assured me all was well I faxed them the bill, called back once to make sure they had everything they needed and proceeded to forget the whole ugly affair.

Then October came... guess what? It wasn't taken care of! We got another nastier letter from the county saying we now owed $650+ and that if that money was not collected in full by October 31st, our wages could be garnished or a lien placed against the property. EEEK! Called the attorney again this time twice a week sometimes more. Finally, last week spoke directly with him and he agreed to send a certified letter threatening a civil suit to retrieve the money. Today his office called me (not the other way around) to say that the seller's attorney had made contact to say that the bill will be paid by check this Friday! Yay it's finally over. They will fax me a copy of said check as soon as it is sent. I will call the county to double check, but thank goodness!
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