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Icky feeling

Today has been a long day, despite the fact that it was almost 11:00am when I finally stumbled into work. I am getting congested and feeling rather icky overall thanks to the change in temperatures and mostly all the dampness in the air. I wish it would snow again instead of this horrible (and depressing) cold drizzle and fog.

I was lying in bed with my husband last night around 2:00am and just lying there looking at him sleeping, and I started thinking that I am such a horrible wife (I am not, but I am certainly not the wife I would like to be either). So anyway, I am lying there thinking about things and I am crying so loudly that I wake him up! He looks at me and says "What's wrong?" and I said "Nothing, I was just thinking about some things" he pulled me close, hugged me, and promptly fell asleep. I don't know why I am so emotional lately, really it isn't like me...

The World Is MINE! by Demonac
You will conquer:the Entire World, including Atlantis.
Your title will be:Ayatola
You will succeed by:Deus Ex Machina.
Your Enforcers will be:Ninjas (they flip out and kill people).
Your first act as ruler:Make it illegal to say anything remotely unflattering about you (including sarcastic or facetious complements).
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