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The shortest longest weekend of my life so far...

So, this weekend has been incredibly short, but on the other hand I feel like I have been up forever.

You see my husband's grandparents were coming up to see our house today, because despite the fact that we have lived here for eight months we have yet to invite them over until today. Why you may wonder...

Well, first of all I am not the "kind of girl" my husband was supposed to marry; if his grandmother had her way he would have most definitely married the granddaughter of one of their friends, likely a country club member with no ideas of her own and a penchant for spending lots of money. Needless to say the fact that I work and apply myself in school and such has always been a bone of contention with these folks.

Also, they were coming to "see" the house (read: white glove inspection)and because of work and other obligations I haven't had the time to give it a really thorough once over.

So last night when my husband came home, ate dinner, and promptly fell asleep at 10pm (and deservedly so since he worked from 7am to 7pm yesterday) I stayed up. I did dishes, laundry, pulled out Christmas stuff and went outside to scrape the caked-on ice off of our HVAC unit, at 2am when it was about 25 degrees outside. (Woe is me. I know!) He woke up for a glass of water and found me scrubbing the kitchen floor with a soapy rag and bleach water in my skivvies no less :-O

I took a shower and we both went to sleep until 8am when we got up to finish all of the cleaning, vacuuuming, dusting, tree decorating, touch-up painting, pillow fluffing, etc.

Luckily, I made it through okay. They liked the house and even complemented me on my housekeeping.

Mind you, his grandmother showed up (unannounced) once when we lived in an apartment and grimaced because our dog had left some toys in the floor the night before -- that was it -- the rest of the house was clean!!! She intimated that I would soon be "living in filth just like my mother-in-law", who by the way does not live in filth, but has a job and other things that prevent her from maintaining a spotless home). She even insulted my own upbringing! Well, that was it! I told her that according to my tasteless upbringing it is rude to show up at someone's doorstep unannounced and then proceed to insult their housekeeping. and that her constant nitpicking and insults were only alienating her from her grandson. Then she broke down and cried and said that I probably thought she was a bad mother and grandmother and that she only wanted the best for her family. We have gotten along much better since then. ;)

Anyway, all is well. Got some news from my mom tonight, which I won't post now because I am too tired to go into the whole sordid affair, but surely I will need to vent later...

Lastly, before I head off to bed:

rainpuddle13Hope you're feeling better and I hope you liked the icon. Obviously, I didn't do the beta because I was feeling none too good, especially after being outside for an hour breaking ice off the HVAC and scrubbing the floor in a freezing cold house...

kirixchi and playboy_mommy I got the lovely Christmas cards yesterday! Thank you! Mine will go out tomorrow morning as I got them written out, but not mailed today! Both cards were lovely and are now sitting on my mantle! Thanks again!
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