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Just so you know:

@ I am in dire need of a Cappuccino right now, I can taste one, mmmm...
@ Saw part of "The Reagans" a bit ago, what a crock of shit! Pardon the language!
@ My boss is an idiot! He tried to reschedule a meeting I had carefully planned and ending up jerking everyone around all day then having to postpone, now I have to reschedule. BLECH!
@ I need new bras for Christmas, if I don't get them I may have to go bra-less, considering the size of my boobs, this is not a good thing...
@ Went and checked out one of the biology labs today and they have the coolest saltwater aquarium there was a red starfish of the usual size and shape and a rigid starfish (a blue one like this, with lots of little prickly hairs all over). It was very cool.
@ They also had a python, which had been abandoned and was all skinny, which they are nursing back to health :)
@ There are mice in our building and they are freaking out most of the people I work with. Granted, if I saw one I would probably be startled, but I am not afraid of them actually I think they are quite cute!
@ I have not done a drop of Christmas shopping -- this is beginning to worry me:(
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