Gilathief (gilathief) wrote,

Bill Maher

December 08, 2003
The Dean Mystery
The Dean mystery - why he among the Democrats became the favorite - is: it turns out, it helps your social life. If I read the article right yesterday, the Dean campaign is basically Friendster for people who listed politics as one of their interests. Not to say that they're not sincere, but it did smack a bit of the convenient hippies of the 60s, the guys who went to the peace rally, more to meet hot chicks into freelove and bra burning, and stop a war they might have to go to, than any political quest. Again, sincere people they both also were. But everybody's hungry for love, damnit! And there's just something about being in a "crusade" together that makes the exhausted, lost-cause sex even hotter.

This sort of shit is why I love Bill Maher. He treats politics as ireverently as possible. I agree with most, but not all of his political views I think, or if not, I feel like I agree with quite a few anyway.

I am sure a lot of people don't like what he has to say, but you can't deny he is funny as hell!
Tags: funny, politics

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